At the Kuck Family Farm, we still grow our own grains, raise our own turkeys, and do our own processing. At our farm, the crops are fertilized with the manure from poultry and the feed is always the highest quality with no meat or bone meal.

We take a lot of pride in growing our birds. They get lots of fresh air, sunshine, and plenty of room to roam around. Keeping the birds as comfortable as possible is our number one goal.

A lot has changed over the years but one thing you can count on is getting that farm fresh flavor from Kuck Farms!


Smoked Whole Turkey (10-18lb)

Smoked Turkey Sweetheart Breast

Smoked Turkey Bone-in Breast (5-10lb)

Smoked Turkey Summer Sausage
(12pk / 24lb)

Smoked Turkey Summer Sausage with Jalapeño & Cheese (12pk / 24lb)

Turkey Ribs (12pk / 72pc / 22lb)

Smoked Turkey Mettwurst
(10pk / 40pc / 9lb)

Cooked Breast Bratwurst
(10pk / 40pc / 9lb)