Kuck Farms

At the Kuck Family Farm, we still grow our own grains, raise our own turkeys, and do our own processing. At our farm the crops are fertilized with the manure from poultry and the feed is always the highest quality with no meat or bone meal. We take a lot of pride in growing our birds!


Bernard’s Blue Ribbon Turkey Farm was started back in 1947 when Robert Bernard returned home after serving in WWII. He had a mission to provide the surrounding communities with a superior turkey for the holiday. He raised his own breeding stock and productions turkeys; and had his own processing plant.

Carter Creek

In 1978 Vernon and Ruth Kuck’s son Ted, took over and expanded the company into pre-cooked turkey deli meats. With the success of the deli turkey products brought the addition of beef, pork, and chicken products in to the lineup. With these new non-turkey items, the Carter Creek Farms brand was born.

Antibiotics & Hormone Free

All of our fresh turkeys are never administered hormones or antibiotics. In addition to that they have also been fed an all vegetable diet. That means no meat, bone meal, or rendered fat.